A Leo Club is formed and operated under the guidance of  the sponsorship  from Porthcawl Lions  club . The Leo clubs in the British Isles and Ireland can now be split into School Based Clubs ...  Alpha (12-18 years of age) and Community Clubs ...  Omega  (14-28 years).

Whilst we all share the same name and strive to a common goal, helping others, we also have very distinct differences. Leos are a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic young people allowing it's members to help others and raise money by giving up a little of their time. The overall scope of Leos allows members to experience and enjoy meeting others and gaining new friends whilst sharing a common interests and goal. Leos encourages young people to gain confidence and experience by having responsible fun with a purpose.

LEO not only stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity but  Let's Enjoy Ourselves   as well, and the Leos of the British Isles and Ireland make both these principles work to the fullest.  Related Links

Welcome to the Porthcawl Leo Club  Meetings are Meetings every Wednesday (School Term)  1.20 room P2, Porthcawl  Comprehensive